Removing warts in a painless way

Bradavica na stopalu Pedicare

Warts appear at all ages, and are most common in childhood. It is a viral infection of the skin caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). More than 150 types have been identified, so an effective remedy is hard to find. There are several types of warts, and the type of virus dictates the size and shape of the wart.

In pedicure, we most often encounter warts on the foot, the so-called plantar wart (verucae plantares), which is aligned with the skin and grows inward. We will most likely encounter it on the most stressed part of the foot, which in many cases causes difficulty walking and pain.

How to get rid of warts as quickly and painlessly as possible?

There are many ways to get rid of them. One of the methods is also to ignore them and according to some data, more than 50% of them disappear on their own after two years. However, if the warts are painful and make it difficult to walk, we need to take action! To begin with, a less aggressive method is recommended – the use of local means. Acid preparations should be used under supervision, as it is a rather aggressive method that can also cause a wound. How quickly it can happen that inflammation occurs, the wound does not heal or. a scar forms on the spot. The latter can make walking difficult for up to several years.

What does Pedicare advise you?

For plantar warts, we therefore advise local thinning of excessively horny skin under the professional supervision of an experienced pedicurist. In this way, the area will be ready for a faster transfer of local resources, which will work where it needs to. Rehabilitation of the area must be repeated several times, depending on the depth and stubbornness of each wart.

Tina Jordan
Tina Jordan

My experience shows that regardless of the complexity of the problem, in 98% of cases I can successfully help restore the health of your feet. All I need from you is dedication to the solution and perseverance.