Free consultation and advice

Prevention is better than painful problems!

We can advise you on the status of your feet and how to avoid future problems. We examine your feet, nails and the skin between the toes and then suggest the best way to take care so as to avoid painful problems which could arise whilst taking a walk, playing your favourite sport or on a family holiday. After a thorough examination, we can advise on how best to proceed with treatment and can immediately start to solve your difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions

The examination with counseling lasts between 10-15 minutes.

Yes, we are qualified to provide a medical pedicure for children. Because of their fast growth rate, we need to take special care of children’s feet. Ingrown toe nails or veruccas limit both play and sports. Due to the pain, the long-term incorrect foot position when walking and posture can affect the body’s development, particularly the back and legs.We will be happy to teach you how to trim your children’s toe nails correctly.