Pedicure at home


The benefits of pedicure at home

Benefits of pedicure at home:

  • takes place in your home environment,
    you will save yourself the inconvenience that a trip to a pedicure salon can bring you,
  • you will save travel time
  • at home you feel more relaxed and calm while we take care of your feet and toenails,
  • we sanitize and arrange your feet and nails as well as in our pedicure salon,
  • pedicure at home also allows you to prevent problems more regularly,
  • we also provide professional advice.
  • we will come to you at the most appropriate time.

Top quality

We provide all services with the latest equipment from top manufacturers of pedicure equipment.


All instruments and accessories are sterilized to the highest possible standards after each use.

Customer care

We keep documentation for each client, both in writing and in pictures.


Who do we recommend a pedicure at home

Who is recommended for pedicure at home:

  • to all those who find it inconvenient to travel to a pedicure salon
  • all elderly people and individuals who have difficulty moving due to illness or injury and are more mobile, but need medical or classical pedicures,
  • to all those who have to avoid potential risky contacts during these times,
  • to anyone who has difficulty obtaining a means of transport.

What do our customers think?

Frequently Asked Questions

Pedicure at home includes:

  • examination of the feet and anamnesis of the client,
  • foot cleaning and disinfection,
  • shortening, sanding, arranging and shaping nails, cuticles and cuticles,
  • rehabilitation and removal of dead and thickened skin of the feet,
  • remediation of fingerprints, cracks, corns, ingrown nails, warts…
  • advising clients,
  • finishing cream.

The man is expected to reach his final height somewhere up to 20. years of age, but hair, hair, and nails do not stop growing for the rest of their lives. Toenails grow from 1.5 to 1.8 mm per month, which is 4x slower than fingernails. Growth rate depends on several factors such as blood circulation, age,

Properly groomed feet contribute to the quality of life, so pedicure is performed every 4-5 weeks or. adapts to the problems of the individual.

Part of medical pedicure is also counseling, which regularly reflects the regular refreshment of knowledge, knowledge of the latest approaches, treatments and experience. We advise you in choosing suitable products for foot care (creams, sprays, ointments, foot care instructions)

An overgrown nail can be seen in both men and women. It is also not limited by age, as we also cared for a 2-month-old baby at our clinic (so it is not necessarily related to walking or exercise). A painful problem affects all generations. People with excessive sweating, ie teenagers, are slightly more exposed. Older people are also at risk, as their nails get thicker with age.

Our feet need to be cared for through all ages in life. Most foot problems occur due to various foot deformities. Over the years, our body changes dramatically, with the elderly, problems with the spine, knees and hips begin to appear. As a result of these changes, they feel pain and, as a result, unconsciously change their gait, thus improperly loading their feet. As a result, corns, calluses, flat feet, lowered transverse arch of the foot, etc. may begin to appear on the foot.

However, the deformations that occur can sometimes be hereditary in nature, such as hallux valgus, claw and hammer toes. With regular visits to a professionally trained pedicurist who uses quality aids and offers professional care, such problems can also be solved. Diabetics in particular need to take good and regular care of their feet.

They need to be especially careful when caring for their feet, as they can completely lose their sense of heat and pain over the years as a result of diabetes. Any improper treatment of the foot can pose a potential danger to them, as it can lead to injury (wounds), and due to poor healing, in severe cases, even gangrene and consequent amputation of the leg.