Nail injuries


Aesthetic solution for damaged nails - nail prosthetics

A nail prosthetic is a replacement for a damaged nail and in appearance the colour and texture are similar to a natural nail. This is a pain free procedure which is both therapeutic as well as esthetic.

At Pedicare we use Unguisan which is a combination of 2 high quality components invented and patented in Germany by Josef Greppmayr in 1954.


Who is a nail prosthetic intended for?

A nail prosthetic is recommendable for anyone with damaged nails due to health reasons or following an operation to remove an ingrown toe nail. There is no need to hide your feet in closed shoes and it is therapeutic as it enables the nail to grow back normally.

Top quality

We provide all services with the latest equipment from top manufacturers of pedicure equipment.


All instruments and accessories are sterilized to the highest possible standards after each use.

Customer care

We keep documentation for each client, both in writing and in pictures.

What is the procedure for fitting a nail prosthetic?

A nail replacement is fitted individually. The damaged part of the nail is cleaned and if necessary, removed. This is followed by application of a two component antimycotic mixture Unquisan (lat. Ungis – nail; sanus – healthy) which forms the prosthetic nail. This dries quickly due to its components and a nail is created with just one application. This is a long-term solution and is highly recommendable during the summer as it lasts for up to 3 months. The nail has a completely natural look and can also be lacquered.

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