What is an imprint and why is it created?

The imprint is also professionally called callus . These are excessively horny cells in place or. in the area of maximum load. Apparently, the skin at this point is mostly yellowish, quite hard to the touch, and it can also hurt when pressed hard.

The main reasons for this are still inappropriate footwear, especially too narrow, hard shoes, high heels, work footwear, etc. Imprints can also be planted in people who take good care of their footwear but have deformed feet for a variety of reasons. People who are overweight and athletes are at risk for developing it.

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What can you do yourself and how can we help you?

The most important thing is soft, comfortable footwear made of natural materials and relieving the area where the greatest pressure is.

At PEDICARE, we rehabilitate fingerprints in a painless way with surgically sterile instruments, make devices for local relief and advise you on further care at home.

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