Pedicare gift voucher


gift voucher is an ideal present for birthdays, Valentine day, Ladies day, an important anniversary, during the Christmas and New Year holidays or for many other occasions…Most people these days only buy things that they need and we don’t expect to receive a gift but are always pleasantly surprised when we do. We can help make your choice simpler by providing you with a personalised gift voucher that states who the recipient is. 

Gift vouchers have become a good standby, however a gift voucher for a pedicure is very special – it is suitable for both men and women of all ages and guarantees a lighter step.


You can choose from a choice of treatments, from a medical, classical or beauty pedicure. If this is for your partner and you know they have had difficulties then you can choose from a choice of treatments for ingrown or fungus toe nail, or hard skin and corns. You can collect your Pedicare Gift Voucher from either of our salons in Ljubljana or Ribnica or simply complete the online application.


It’s lovely to receive a gift, but even lovelier to give one!


Tina Jordan
Tina Jordan

My experience shows that regardless of the complexity of the problem, in 98% of cases I can successfully help restore the health of your feet. All I need from you is dedication to the solution and perseverance.