What are corns?

The official name for a corn is clavus, a group of dry cells which form a hard lump. This is the shape of a cone when removed. It is slightly yellow in colour, hard and painful to the touch.


Why are corns painful?

They are formed as part of the skin’s defence mechanism where there is a lot of pressure. If they are not dealt with correctly at an early stage they can grow to a deeper layer of skin where the nerves are present. This in turn means they become painful and can affect the way we walk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As explained above this is a group of dry skin cells which form a hard lump and are caused by wearing ill-fitting foot wear, tight or hard shoes, high heels, work shoes, etc. They can also form with people who wear correct fitting shoes however their feet or toes have some form of deformation, they are over-weight or they participate in extreme sports.

The most important thing is to wear soft, comfortable shoes made of natural materials. Various plasters, ointments and home-made cures can worsen the situation if the corn is not treated correctly. This in turn can lead to inflammation and infection.

At PEDICARE we can remove the corn painlessly with the use of sterile surgical instruments and advise you on how to protect the affected area.