Cracks on the heel


What are heel cracks and why do they occur?

Cracks or ragade on heels they are not just an aesthetic problem. Improper and unprofessional care leads to more serious complications. The area of excessively horny skin where the crack has formed is very painful and our movement is limited. What’s more, an unprofessionally repaired crack area can even lead to infection, so it’s crucial to leave the repair to a professional.

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What can you do yourself and how can I help you?

Excessively horny skin should be removed and the skin nourished. Be aware that not every cream is suitable for the feet, because as we have already written, the skin of this area is different in structure and needs special carefully selected means. At PEDICARE, we offer you only the best foot care products that belong to the very top of the world.

Footwear also plays an important role. Choose one that fits your feet nicely, as shoes that are too tight or too big are often the cause of problems and pain. It is important that the footwear in compartment five is nicely rounded, and especially with summer footwear, there are no edges to walk on, thus speeding up horning.

PEDICARE we offer you professional repair of cracks / rags. These are cleaned with surgically sterile instruments, hard skin is removed and treated to heal. Depending on the degree of depth of each ragada, the remediation must be repeated.

We also offer you an innovative method of rehabilitation with the help of occlusive patches, help you choose the right care product and advise you on home care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The skin on the foot has a different structure than elsewhere on the body. The sole area is free of sebum and thus the surface is free of necessary grease. If dry skin is not properly cared for, there is excess horny skin or. hyperkeratosis. Because the feet are the most stressed part of our body, so very dry and horny skin starts to crack. Cracks can be small and superficial, but often they are deep and reach to the deeper layers of the skin, where the veins and nerves are. Such cracks not only hurt, but pose a danger to our health. The crack is an ideal place for infection.